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Our People

Nick Dobard

[The now, not so little-witty-boy] Nough said… [Drop mic] Nick Dobard is the mixer, the wish maker, the coffee guru, the barista. Just like a jitter cup he has the energy and the drive that pushes everyone to do their best. He’s like a mad scientist of coffee, always inventing a re-inventing the most hip and Hive coffee drinks around.

Zoraida Dobard

Hello Hive customers! My name is Zoraida Dobard and according to my husband; queen of the hive! I was born and raised here in our beautiful city of El Paso and am honored to be able to serve our people. I have a love for people, a passion for life and a hunger to serve others. This is a hometown business led through a tremendous vision of making El Paso even more unique and welcoming. We invite you to The Hive Java Lounge to try out our scrumptious coffee and tea. Hope to see you soon!


My name is Serena. I am homegrown in the beautiful desert of El Paso, TX. While pursuing a degree in Nursing, I take on many hobbies. I am fascinated by the art and nature of life which inspires me to paint, play guitar/ukulele, and practice photography. Along with all my interests in life, I have a strong passion for coffee and tea. Being able to serve local El Pasoens and visitors with good quality coffee and tea brings me joy. I have always liked the saying, “Coffee should be an experience not just a routine.” That is what I strive to do in this position as a barista at The Hive Java Lounge.


My name is Melissa. I am born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I moved to El Paso back in 2016 of July. I am pursuing a double major in business and computer engineering. I spend most of my time reading and buying books. I have a pretty dry sense of humor but I know everyone will love me. 


Hi everyone! I'm so excited to be part of the opening team for The Hive! My name is Breanna and I am 20 years old. I am full time student, I enjoy playing volleyball, and I love meeting new people! Can't wait to serve and engage with all of my customers! 


My name is Aileen. I am an optimistic, happy gal who likes to watch Netflix on my free time. Currently, I am learning the Korean language and plan to learn more languages by the time I graduate with my bachelor's degree from the University of Texas at El Paso. I plan to double major in business and study abroad. Overall, I start everyday anew and look forward to what life has to offer.